Question: Quelle Danse Thinking Out Loud?

Who is the dancer in Thinking Out Loud?

Unlike Sheeran’s earlier videos, where he assumed a low profile, he took the lead role on “Thinking Out Loud”. In the video, Sheeran executes a contemporary dance with Brittany Cherry, a contestant from the televised American dance competition, So You Think You Can Dance.

Is Ed Sheeran’s wife in Thinking Out Loud video?

Ed Sheeran is sharing the love story of a number of couples in a new video, including his own. The singer and his wife, Cherry Seaborn, appear in their first music video together for his single “Put It All on Me,” and are seen in their London apartment dancing and cuddling for the camera.

Who did Ed Sheeran wrote Thinking Out Loud for?

And you may actually recognize the girl in the video, Brittany Cherry, from So You Think You Can Dance as well.

Is Ed Sheeran’s wife a dancer?

Ed Sheeran has announced that he and one-year-old daughter Lyra have tested positive for Covid-19 and are now isolating. The pair will now have to isolate for 10 days, away from Ed’s wife and Lyra’s mother, Cherry Seaborn, who has not tested positive for the virus.

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Is Ed Sheeran having a baby?

Sheeran and wife Cherry Seaborn welcomed their 1st child together last August. Sheeran took to Instagram to announce the birth of his daughter, Lyra Antarctica Seaborn Sheeran, who was born last week. Ed Sheeran opened up about the special meaning behind his daughter’s unique name.

Who is Ed Sheeran’s ex girlfriend?

Ed Sheeran’s ex-girlfriend Athina Andrelos is preparing to marry singer’s lookalike after their wedding was postponed due to COVID-19. Ed Sheeran’s ex-girlfriend Athina Andrelos is set to marry her fiancé Nick in 2021, after their nuptials were postponed by a year amid the coronavirus crisis.

Why did Ed Sheeran write perfect?

Sheeran revealed that the inspiration for the lyrics came after visiting James Blunt’s house in Ibiza, where the two singers had listened to the rapper Future’s music at six in the morning. He said: “Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favorite song, which happened to be Future’s “March Madness”

What is the nationality of Ed Sheeran?

Although he announced their engagement on Instagram in January 2018, Ed Sheeran has managed to keep his marriage to wife Cherry Seaborn secret for months. Now he’s revealing details about their ultra-private ceremony.

Who plays thinking out loud solo?

Sheeran, 25, who performed with Mayer at the 2015 Grammys, as well as on The Late Late Show that year, said the 39-year-old singer-songwriter has played a guitar solo in his album, pronounced as Divide, reported Entertainment Tonight. “I got John Mayer on a guitar solo that’s uncredited that’s quite cool.

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Did Ed Sheeran marry?

Is Ed Sheeran married? Yes! Since January 2019, Sheeran has been married to Cherry Seaborn (and yes, that’s her real name), a fellow Brit who grew up with Sheeran. While the singer-songwriter is known for revealing little about his personal life, we do know that he and Seaborn were, in fact, classmates at one point!

What does Ed Sheeran’s tattoo say?

Tattoo: Ed has got the words “Everything that happens is from now on,” inked on his left forearm, in the singer (Bon Iver’s) handwriting.

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